Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety are the foundations of La Millou. We base all our products on building from the highest quality and testing them using the most stringent safety control assessments. We pride ourselves on achieving our success and build La Millou upon these values
  The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives. All La Millou products are made in compliance with European directives regarding production of articles for infants (including recent actualization dated July 20th 2011).
All fabrics, threads and fillings are produced in accordance with OEKO Tex 100 Standard Certification.
All La Millou products are also PVC and BPA-free. PVC (aka: polyvinyl chloride or vinyl) is all around us from food packaging to toys. PVC is the most toxic plastic both from an environmental and health standpoint. While BPA is an industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Exposure to BPA is a concern due to possible health effects on the brain, behaviour of infants and children. La Millou products are certified to be PVC and BPA-free.
Furthermore, La Millou Pacifier hanger clips have Certificates of US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

La Millou and our Parents pride ourselves, giving our children the highest quality and safety products