Bamboo Blanket XL

Bamboo Blanket XL

French Riviera Boy
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100% BAMBOO - Perfect for summer and more!

Thanks to the unique properties of bamboo "mist" from La Millou, it has a wide range of applications:

- Perfect for children, newborn baby in a "cocoon" feel safe, calm down and sleep better state.
- A sun protecting properties of bamboo fabric, thermo regulation during heat keeps the temperature below 2 degrees from the environment
- During the colder days can serve as bed sheet - baby's skin will appreciate the health-giving properties of bamboo fabric, giving it a quiet, deep sleep.

In addition of the most important properties of bamboo:

- 3 x A: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergy
- Free from pesticides and contaminants
- Absorption of water by 60% than ordinary cotton
- Samosterylizacja (in 30% of the fabric itself is sterilized, which gives a sense of freshness)
- Neutralization of odors (absorbs odors and captures only when washing in water)
- Full biodegradability

Colorants are friendly to humans and the environment, as evidenced by a certificate of OEKO-TEX Standard 100. The unique advantages of bamboo fabric confirmed by research done by Passage Cosmetics Lab Glassware and Padmed and positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child No. Op-4333.

Composition: 100% bamboo fiber

Colour: Bamboo - French Riviera Boy

Certificates: OKO-TEX STANDARD 100, CE

Dimension: 140cm x 110cm