Moonie's First Step
Moonie's First Step
Moonie's First Step

Moonie's First Step

Moon Grey
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Learning to walk is one of the most important stages in the life of a small person. With Moonie’s First Step your child will enter the new world in unique and healthy style.

The Moonie’s line is a breakthrough in the safety of your baby's forming foot. The shoes are made of natural goatskin used for the production of luxury leather goods. Goatskin grain leather is soft and durable. It is treated in a chromium-free manner - chromium is a toxic and carcinogenic element that penetrates the skin. Only vegetable dyes that do not close the pores are used to dye aniline leather. A high degree of breathability ensures that the baby's skin breathes. The unique Moonie’s First Step footing is made of flexible thermo-rubber with a charming chocolate aroma (the aroma remains for the entire lifetime!) The footing is sewn (not glued) and the shoes are finished with hand moccasin seam.

Use under adult supervision - like all products intended for infants and young children.

Available in three sizes (insert length):

19 - 11.8 cm

20 - 12.4 cm

21 - 13.0 cm

Material: Unfolded Goat Skin

Colour: Moon Grey